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"Weeds in The Garden of Love"
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"Weeds in The Garden of Love"

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Divorce is not lethal--murder is. Writer Steven J. Daniels takes the reader on a rapidly-paced, exciting tale as Craig Andrews starts a gut-wrenching journey through a divorce and stops up being qualified for murder. 
The story starts as Craig checks into the Sunset Motel and starts his new life. At a conference of the Men's Team, he satisfies and at some point befriends Garth Hodgson. Garth is an innocent 'deadbeat dad' being persecuted by Lorne Davis, the ruthless and philandering prosecutor for the Justice Department's Workplace for support purchase enforcement identified as the SOE.  
Garth enlists Craig's support to gather proof on Davis aiming to ruin his profession. Their quest benefits in an provocative expose of the seedy underside of mankind as dysfunctional men and women consider to ease their suffering through alcohol abuse, added-marital sexual intercourse and chilly-blooded murder.
 "Weeds in The Back garden of Really like" is about much more than just successful and dropping.
It's about survival.
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