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Love or Money: A Laugh-Out-Loud Romantic Comedy

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A coronary heart-warming, funny intimate comedy – best for supporters of Christina Lauren, J. A. Redmerski, Lindsey Kelk, Deborah Cooke and Jill Mansell
Heather and Kelly usually go to funerals, birthday get-togethers, weddings, and Christenings together, the inescapable spinsters for lifestyle
At a marriage ceremony, the bride states to the two ladies, “The only two ladies that go to all activities together are both lesbians or sisters, and you two are neither!”
Heather and Kelly embark on a quest to get engaged within a calendar year!
Kelly states it will only be if the guy has income. Heather statements it will only be with the guy that she actually loves, since income simply cannot acquire me really like. Kelly disagrees and statements income can acquire me really like.
Which one will get?
A giggle-out-loud, intimate comedy about two ladies on their quest for relationship.
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