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How I Survived My Parents Divorce from
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How I Survived My Parents Divorce from

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It’s negative adequate when parents divorce, but do they have to broadcast it on the six o’clock news? Seemingly indeed, if a single parent is a U.S. Senator. When key public humiliation sets off a collection of pranks by the Triple-M Clones, Abby must endure the politics of substantial college whilst navigating life at residence exactly where all is not as it appears. Amongst Mom’s neurotic episodes in Texas and Dad’s wild adventures in Mexico, Abby is shedding it. And why Rafa picked this minute to give Abby a ring, nicely let’s just say Abby’s in no feeling for romance.

Publishers Weekly calls How I Survived My Parents’ Divorce “bright and lively.”
Established on Galveston Island, Texas, the book’s refreshing and amusing premise feels wholly contemporary, as Abby’s politician father, John Alexander, is caught dishonest on digicam. With her residence life broken and her friendships few (the school’s mean ladies bully her relentlessly) Abby seeks solace in a sweet, properly fleshed out connection with her best friend, Rafa. Abby eventually goes to go to her father in San Miguel, Mexico, and learns he has more than adequate money to assistance himself and his mistress, Kat, whom Abby amusingly refers to as “the Kat creature.” Descriptions of Mexico shine.
~ Publishers Weekly Magazine

Amazon critiques the “Look Inside” excerpt:
The most robust factor of this excerpt is the sturdy narrative voice. Abby is quickly portrayed as a sympathetic and difficult character. This brief excerpt reveals the underlying tensions in her life- the parental dynamic, her connection with her best friend, her rivalry with the triple-Ms. To give the reader so much information via the tale in this kind of a quick excerpt is an outstanding accomplishment.
~ Amazon
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