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Hiyadeal 4g Multi-functional Mini Dv Hd Video Charger Spy Camera from Hiyadeal

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We are delighted to stock the excellent Hiyadeal 4g Multi-functional Mini Dv Hd Video Charger Spy Camera.

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4G Multi-Practical Mini DV High definition Movie Charger Spy Digicam This item has substantial definition digital digital camera MINI DV, TF card memory, can shoot images and entire high definition video clips, this item is simple procedure, a modest good, lovely and sensible, simple to have, is the household protection,the needed sensible equipment, well acquired by the consumers
The relevant parameters Built-in TF 4GB Video format AVI Video coding M - JPEG Video resolution 640 * 480, 720 * 480, 1280 * 960 VGA Video frame rate 30 FPS Play software operating system bring or mainstream video player software Image ratio 4:3 urbanus Support system Windows me / 2000 xp 2003 / vista: M Interface type 5 pin USB Cell type high capacity polymer lithium electricity Video quality: this product non-professional video equipment, do not guarantee all video file effect can come up to your expectation. Working temperature: 0 - 40¡ãC Work humidity: 20%-80%, do not send products in damp working environment, the product does not have waterproof function. Shooting illumination: please in a well-lit environment use, please do not please camera directly to the sun strong illuminant, in order to avoid the optical device hurt. Cleaning requirements: do not in the dust density big environment use, in order to avoid lens and other components infected with dust, affects the camera effect, lens can be used to wipe mirror paper or glasses cloth wipe gently, keep clean. Other items: this product belongs to precision electronic products, please do not make it by strong shock vibration,do not in strong magnetic field, high voltage off the use. The matters needing attention Set usage scenario: please strictly abide by the relevant state laws, not this product is used for any illegal purposes, otherwise the consequence is proud. About battery: with the use time of growth, cell working time is shorter, long not to use, please prior to the use of full of electricity. Player practical capacity is slightly less than nominal capacity, is a normal phenomenon. File security: this product non-professional storage devices, is no guarantee that the internal storage file integrity and security, please immediately in the computer or other storage equipment backup your important documents.
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