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Dakini Lounge
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Dakini Lounge

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Four many years ago, Tea Williams’ partner questioned for a divorce while standing on his head. Is it any question she’s nonetheless trying to uncover her stability? Given that then, her tentative forays into the courting scene have ranged from forgettable to embarrassing, and she’s unwilling to just take any much more pitfalls. When her ex abruptly data files for joint custody of their two youngsters, Tea is equally angry and nervous. She's lastly getting handle of her existence, and now he pulls this? Her convenience zone is additional disrupted when Leda, her best friend’s cousin, will come to city for a yoga trainer instruction program. Attractive and impulsive, Leda insinuates herself into Tea’s existence, flaunting her youth and cleavage, horning in on Tea’s desire journey to Paris, and triggering friction between Tea and her pal. In spite of every thing, Tea grudgingly admires Leda’s free of charge spirit. Soon after all, that’s how Leda snares Rick’s attention at the Pronto Bar. Tea attempts to suppress her very own attraction to Rick, because what type of male hooks up with a girl half his age, in any case? (Oh. Proper.) Rick and Tea turn into allies, nevertheless, when a boy they equally know is terribly wounded by an abusive stepfather, and they help the boy's mother, Pleasure, by means of her ordeal at the hospital. By some means Tea finishes up with a complete home: Pleasure, Leda, and a psychotic cat, in addition to her young children and pet. Her requested existence has been completely upended—but possibly that is not these kinds of a poor issue.
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