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10 Frightening Facts About Sugar by Shaggy Dog Publications

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Want to know more about the poisonous, destructive outcomes of sugar on your body? This unique report presents the most current, cutting-edge info in ten bulleted details. We now know that sugar is joined to being overweight and diabetes, but there is certainly more:

Did you know that sugar has a pro-inflammatory impact on the body's cellular degree, which causes ageing--and perhaps Alzheimers, down the line?

Understand how extreme sugar consumption encourages proliferation of dangerous gut germs and weakens the immune system.

Also, read about sugar's shocking link to cancer.

Any person beginning to grapple with sugar addiction should read this report, which also contains some useful "sugar withdrawal" suggestions!


It is turning out to be obvious that sugar, prolonged thought of as an integral portion of the Western diet program, is poisonous.

In this report, I would like to talk about two particular problems with sugar that you may not have listened to about yet: its pro-inflammatory actions in the body that direct to ageing and age-related conditions (this sort of as diabetes, Alzheimer's condition, arthritis), and sugar's shocking link to cancer, recently uncovered in a New York Instances tale by journalist Gary Taubes, amid other individuals.

In that tale, two eminent East Coast cancer experts mentioned that they consume as minor refined white sugar as possible. A single even confessed, "Sugar scares me."

It turns out that sugar should be scaring all of us.
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